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hello I'm talkHing to you about a problem image after scraping on the case mede8er, for some time the scrape movies no longer works mede8er communicates that "TMDB has changed the encoding engine jpg and this caused the problem on the Scraper Mede8er Movie. " please can you give me some hints about this problem and how to do it cordially

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Hi @fifre, this is a known issue with whatever JPEG decoder mede8er is using. I haven't yet found out what JPEG decoder they are using.

We have tested many clients and decoders and this is the only reported issue, so I suspect it's just an issue with the particular decoder (or version) they are using. It might be fixable with an update to the decoder or even perhaps changing jpeg decoders all together.

There is no planned change on our end at this time.

Hi Travis Bell, Mede8er "it is not possible to solve this question from a Mede8er, it had to modify the code of the JPG decoder in the Realtek chip SDK - not to worry that the DPI field is 1x1 now - and Realtek does not do this with an old Chip" ?

still no answer ///???

Hi @fifre, what were you looking for clarification on? My answer is above.

Edit: I'll elaborate slightly to @def70's reply if you wish. In the 30 days since deploying this, I've only heard from a single app about this which is Mede8er. I can however, tell you that hundreds of millions of users have used our image service in those 30 days and they are the only ones who have reported a problem.

If it was just a trivial thing on our end I would have no trouble switching back but unfortunately it's not. About a month of engineering went into this and then the cost to re-generate our image cache was quite substantial on top of that.

I'm not quite sure if @def70 is saying they made some custom modifications to the JPEG decoder or not, but if that is what he's saying, then perhaps that's the the problem lies. I can't say, only speculating. We have hundreds of companies using SOC's on just about every hardware and platform that exists. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from a single other company about anything being a problem. Because of this it's just not feasible to change anything on our end.