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I need a new API code for my device, was told to sign up to this program & Followed all the prompts but can not generate a code, can anyone help pls? (I’m extremely new to all of this!)

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Hello - and welcome to TMDb!

I don't personally use APIs, or know anything about them. But following is the link to a TMDb page that may prove helpful, as it provides explanation and some instructions:

In the event that doesn't help (or is what you already saw earlier), pop back over to this thread to leave an update stating that you still need help. I'm sure a moderator will respond.

Thank you so much for your advice, yes I had already been through all of the steps associated with this thread. Yes I’m very much still needing advice! My Kodi device just isn’t working to be able to watch any movies.

If you want to generate an API key, go to this link: