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I'd like to see support for alternate editions of a given movie for the website and API.

For example:

The Abyss (1989)

Theatrical Release has a running time of 145m Special Edition has a running time of 171m

Perhaps this could be put into the "Alternative Titles" page with some alterations:

Title (can be blank; but sometimes alternate versions change the title entirely ) (NOTE: If the database structure doesn't allow this to be empty if "Edition" or "Running Time" are not blank just put the main entry title in as a default.) Country (can be blank) Type Running Time (if blank it's just assumed to be an alternate title) Edition (dropbox, blank or can choose "Theatrical", "Restored", "Special Edition", "Censored", "Uncensored", "Uncut", "Director's Cut", "Ultimate Cut", etc.)

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Yup, this is one of my oldest open tickets. The ticket for it is here.

To do it right I need to design a way of branching data off of the main release and support all of the differences that could be possible. Titles, runtimes, images and potentially cast & crew as well.

I don't have an immediate timeline for it but I suspect it will be completed in 2018. I was hoping to find time for it last year but didn't get to it. It's near the top of my big feature list.