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Given a list of movies, I'm trying to find which persons constitute a crew and a cast.

To achieve this, I'm fetching movies by genre. Next I fetch credits for each movie (movie/:id/credits). This gives me credits (cast and crew) for each movie. However, each entry in the cast/crew arrays do not include person id. So, I have to grab the credit id and poke the credit/:id endpoint in order to get person id for every single credit. And this is where I'm stuck, because I can't seem to get any result from this last endpoint.

This is Jyn Erso cast credit from Rogue One:


  "status_code": 34,
  "status_message": "The resource you requested could not be found."

Optimally, there would be a way to get credits included in the response on the first movie-by-genre search. And each credit would not only include the name of the person in question, but the person id. Any chance of making this happen? Any help greatly appreciated

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Ah yes, I believe there is some problems with the credit end point right now. I have it on my list of things to fix.

But, you're main goal here is actually something I plan on doing TMDb side in the very near of future. Not only if a person in mainly a "crew" or "actor" but also the main job their known for. You'll see this data available in the API soon-ish.

Right, thanks for answering! What's the best way to keep tabs on the project so I get the message as soon as this feature is out?

For something like this, probably the ticket on Lighthouse. The bigger features tend to get mentioned on the blog.