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Hello. Probably a stupid question. I did not find an answer. Is it possible that TVshow IDs duplicate movie IDs? In other words, movies and TVshows stored in a one database table or different? In other words, can I in my application make one route for TVshows and Movies ( for example /project/$id )? Thank you in advance.

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Hi Rifat,

Yes, Movie/TV and People all share a different ID space meaning, there will be duplicate IDs across all collections. You should assume the IDs are only unique within each individual media type.

Hello, Travis! Thanks for the answer.

Hi Travis. Another issue close to the subject. Do credids for Tvshow, it's Seasons and Episodes also use different credit_id space?

Hi Rifat,

Actually, no on those ones. Those are a global ID. You can assume the alpha numeric IDs are totally unique.

Thanks, but I think I posed the question incorrectly. Tvshow Credit, Season Credit, Episode Credit for one person - are three different entities (three different credit_id). Am I right?

The easier way for me to answer this is, pure numeric ids are going to be only unique within their media/field spaces (like the original question). All alpha numeric ids are going to be globally unique.

Thank you!

Since these alpha numeric id's are globally unique, can we credit_id to find out common actor in both movies and tv shows?

Will credit_id be a good identifier for this one?

Hi @pavithrakc,

Can you be a bit more specific as to how and what you're looking for? I'm not 100% sure I understand your question based on the credit_id.

I am trying to use credit_id as a comparison to find out actors who acted in both movies and tv shows.

I realized that I will not able to use this credit_id as a field for this comparison.

I used "id"(person id) field from results of cast from /credits API.

Now I have a question on how to filter out the movies and tv shows of a specific time period.

for movies, i think i can use release_date. But I am not sure about tv. I see first_air_date and air_date fields. Which one to use in this case?