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Hello themoviedb Team, Hello Travis,

I have created a website with information about movies, series, directing, writing and celebries. The information is provided over the themoviedb web service. Is it allowed from your side to display the information on my website? This will be a public but noncommercial or profit website.

Second question, I would include the information ' Powered by' in the footer of the website and on the 'Therms of use' site with a banner ‘powered by’ if this is allowed.

Thank you in advanced for your feedback.

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Hi yockl,

Yup, everything sounds fine. You can find different logos in a few formats here.


Hi Travis,

many thanks for your support and fast feeback.

Have a nice week :)

Data usage from TMDB in my own non commercial website Hello themoviedb Team,

I am a student of Nanodegree academy and used your movies data for creation of App for education. Now we are learning publishing App on Google Play, testing it and so far.

I would like to upload my App as free and non-commercial on Google Play. Is it allowed from your side to upload the app just for testing or can the app be in use, when it is non-commercial?

I will put your logo on my App "Powered by Themoviedb" on my side "About".

Thank you in advanced for your feedback.

Regards Veronika

@vjauckus Yes, that is fine.

P.S. no need to bump a 2.5 year old thread, please create a new thread next time. Thanks!