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Hi !

Everything has gone missing today and I am getting this error. I can't view any list or my profile.

[quote]We've run into a snag! There was a problem trying to load this page. If you would like to share what happened, please let us know on the forums.[\quote]

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Its working now. I tried whole day and it was giving same error. Tried again now and it worked. :)

Hi Naveen,

We had a small issue that lasted for about 10 minutes. As you discovered, it's all fixed now.


Hi. I can’t seem to view my list Can you assist? Thanks

Hi @ineedtorest,

What list/page are you having trouble viewing?

Its working now. Actually my stupidity didnt realize that i had to touch my list name.

Thanks. Great job. The site is really nice

Great, happy to hear it! :tada: