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Having trouble with the database using the old 2.1 API, just want to make sure it hasn't been discontinued or anything.

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Hi smsithlord,

No, it was officially retired today. We've sent out numerous notices starting around 4.5 months ago stating that September 15 was when it would be shut down.

V3 is the only supported and available API at this time.

Looks like I got a long night ahead of me. :) Thanks for the quick reply.

All up to date now. For the the solution was to write a small parser in JavaScript that converted the JSON into Valve's KeyValue's format so my Source engine game could process the data easily. Turned out to be much easier than using TinyXML to parse the 2.1 responses. Thanks again for this awesome service! You get lots of credit in my utility. I'll let you know when I release the big new version, should be this week some time!

Thanks again for this awesome service!

You're welcome.

I'll let you know when I release the big new version, should be this week some time!

Cool, thanks.

Hi smsithlord, Can you share your script which comverts V3 to V2 API?

Hi there!

We have application that use API V2. Now application is unable to retrive metadata of the movies. There is no way to update the application. Is there any script for simulation V2 API using V3? Is there any chance that V2 will be supported. Thanks!

Hi Alex_D,

It's doubtful there would be a way to simulate 2.1 responses with v3. The difference in format (XML vs. JSON) and very different responses would make it near impossible.

There is no chance of 2.1 coming back, the infrastructure that it ran on doesn't even exist anymore. 2.1 was just to expensive to support both from an engineering and ops perspective.