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Querelle August 5, 1982

Here is the story of a beautiful, proud and tough loner, a sailor named Querelle, whose commanding officer Seblon worships and desires him from afar. Querelle turns on his drugs-smuggling partner and murders him.…

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Childish Quarrel March 7, 1896

Two babies are shown seated next to each other, in high chairs, apparently enjoying themselves. Suddenly one snatches a toy from the other and they indulge in hair-pulling.

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Two old female mattress makers get into a fight until a passing man attempts to break them up.

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Die Kirche bleibt im Dorf August 22, 2012

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Querelle de jardins June 5, 1982

Raul Ruiz filmed the gardens of the Château de Versailles. The first one, French, focuses on the King's Square (a space where everything is arranged in order to be seen). The other one, English, is the exact opposite…

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Mourning October 9, 2011

A violent quarrel breaks out between a couple at midnight. Being at a relative's house in the north of Iran, they depart for Tehran in the middle of the night, but they do not bring along their son. Something terrible…

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A couple’s fight over dinner leads to spiralling domestic abuse that spreads all over town. (MoMA)

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The Wizard of Babylon August 13, 1992

Documentary about German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, during the time of filming "Querelle." Features an interview with Fassbinder only ten hours before his death.

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