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Hide and Seek January 27, 2005

David Callaway tries to piece together his life in the wake of his wife's suicide and has been left to raise his nine-year-old daughter, Emily on his own. David is at first amused to discover that Emily has created…

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Hide and Seek June 20, 2014

Four fragile young people flee London to start an unconventional utopia, creating a world of fantasy that overwhelms them.

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Hide and Seek August 14, 2013

A missing brother. Hide and seeks codes. A shocking truth for two different families and the struggle to save their families from someone who is already living inside their house.

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Hide and Seek October 7, 1972

A young boy runs away from an approved school to meet up with his father in the hope that he can persuade his dad to allow him to travel to Canada with him. He also meets up with two local children and discovers…

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Hide and Seek August 19, 2013

A school girl visits a house to take a koto lesson. She meets her teacher and her son and they seem to be playing "HIDE and SEEK" in the house. Koto lesson starts but the girl soon realizes that there's something…

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Hide & Seek January 15, 2010

It is a story about 4 friends and how their past terrible past catches up to them and then how they get back together to fight it

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Hide and Seek June 1, 1964

A professor of astronomy helping on a missile development program. An old friend of his is a Russian chess champion. The Russian is working with shady businessman Marek and they plan to kidnap the professor and…

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Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek March 3, 2005

Among the ruins of the city, there is a game only children can play. It is called “Otokoyo”; a game of hide-and-seek. But whenever children play this game, one by one they would disappear into the blinds of the…

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Hide and Seek February 23, 2016

A short promotional clip for The Good Dinosaur in which young Apatosaurus, Arlo, and a child, Spot play a cute game of hide and seek, and includes an appearance from T. Rex Butch.

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Hide & Seek June 21, 2013

Hide & Seek

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Hide and Seek August 20, 2009

Two girls' metaphorical journey through stages of womanhood. The metaphor being a game of hide and seek in an abandoned house

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Hide and Seek January 2, 1980

Twelve year-old Uri reports his teacher Balaban as a suspected spy when he observes him meeting with a young arab man. Only later does he discover that Balaban's interest in the young arab is romantic rather than…

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Hide and Seek April 3, 1913

A banker's young daughter, playing a game of "hide and seek", is apparently locked within the vault resulting in comedic rescue.

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Hide and Seek March 30, 1997

Mixes documentary interviews of memories of lesbian adolescence with the story of the 12-year-old girl Lou discovering her sexuality in 1960s America.

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Hide & Seek October 31, 2007

After a tragedy, a family moves to an isolated house where strange apparitions appear.

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Hide & Seek March 15, 2015

Everyone has secrets. ‘He’ has one hidden for many years. He wakes up one day to find himself locked in an enclosed room. Did he lock himself there? If not, who did? As he tries to escape from the room, he starts…

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Hide & Seek September 10, 2015

Shoichi, a Japanese male nurse living in the city, returns home to the countryside after his mother's sudden death to deal with younger brother Kotaro, who hasn't left his room in over a decade. However, disappointment…

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Hide-and-seek January 1, 2012

We covered the area surrounded by [sea] and mountains. Since that day, this town has been in complete darkness. Lights, roads home, a mother and a baby in her womb are hidden in this darkness. This animation…

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Hide & Seek December 31, 2012

It's 1990. Iraq is at war and young Ari is intent on becoming a soldier. A Peshmerga. Soon he will discover the true meaning of that word...

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Hide-and-Seek June 8, 1961

Children help to find dangerous criminal.

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Dr. Efruz has the ability to remember every face he sees. On the eve of his long-delayed honeymoon with his 25-year-old wife, he meets someone who will upset his life. Efruz can not remember who owns a face he knew…

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Eureka: Hide And Seek July 25, 2006

A short web series which details the investigation of a series of creature attacks in the fictitious town of Eureka, Oregon.

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