DNA (2019)

Written by Peter M on December 19, 2020

I enjoyed this series. I watched it with English subtitles but it wasn’t a hardship. The high quality writing and top notch acting leapt over the language barrier and emerged unscathed on the other side.

There are a few staples of police detective shows, such as the lead detective so dedicated to his cases that he makes questionable decisions, one of which is costly to our lead character. You also have the usual twists in the plot here, one of which I saw coming a long way off, but the others I didn’t see coming at all.

There is a subplot of a young woman having a baby that is absolutely essential to the story, but which early on seemed to interrupt the pace of the action, and then later in the show confused me as to the sequence of events. But it might have been just me and it certainly wasn’t a deal breaker for watching the entire series.

The ending was intriguing and worthy of a separate discussion altogether, but I always try to avoid letting spoilers slip in, So I will leave that discussion on the table and take my leave.