Elf (2003)

Written by Kamurai on December 10, 2020

Good watch, will likely watch again, and can recommend.

For all the good this movie has in it, there is a fair amount of annoying as well, which is what keeps it from being a great movie.

A family reconnection trope, with a character out of his element trope, crossed with one of the most annoyingly positive characters of all time trope.

Ultimately, it's a sweet, hear warming story that really captures the spirit of family, Christmas, and togetherness.

It also captures all of the insanity Will Ferrell can conjure up for his character, basically as if he wrote a SNL Christmas special and just rode rough shod over the other actors.

The cast does a wonderful job of backing up Will Ferrell, but that's clearly what it is.

Around the holidays, especially, don't be afraid of giving this a try, and bear through the annoying bits, because there is likely something really funny just about to happen.