Sneakers (1992)

Written by John Chard on May 26, 2019

A great night in with a top cast having fun.

"I could have joined the NSA but they found out my parents were married!"

The DVD box proudly proclaims that the film is one of the most satisfying suspense films ever! Naturally this is hyperbole from the marketing department, but it's stuff like that that can make or break the chance of a viewers expectation level being achieved.

I opened this write up with a funny line spoken by Robert Redford because having just finished the film I feel all jolly, and that is a priceless thing after watching one of the most suspenseful films ever! (groan). This film is a multi genre offering, it has pretty much most bases covered and features a cast of actors from different eras clearly enjoying the work that they are doing. There is no earth shattering twists or performances to match, it's a tight and intelligent script that's written to provide two hours of pure entertainment. It does have suspense, and it does make you think about how technology can be an incredible tool/weapon, but chiefly the film is one that you all can watch during a night in and be safe in the knowledge that your rental or TV time hasn't been wasted. 7.5/10

Footnote: The ending is fabulous, I really should go for a higher rating purely for the incredulous looks that James Earl Jones gives as the final reel draws to a close.