Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Written by Per Gunnar Jonsson on May 12, 2019

These kind of movies are among the few movies that I can be bothered to go to an actual theater to watch nowadays. For most movies I just wait until they come out on disk (preferably Ultra HD Blu-ray if it’s available) and watch them on my home theater rig. So this weekend me and the kids went to the theater to watch Avengers: Endgame.

I have to say that it was better, even much better, than I feared. I really feared that the SJW retards at Marvel would take this opportunity to completely re-organize the Marvel universe to their liking. Like how they completely ruined both professor Xavier and Wolverine in that abysmal Logan movie. Luckily, this did not really happen. Maybe the financial reality of their failing SJW comics and Disney doing a bit of culling of the most extreme of the Marvel retards, the ones who fail to understand that super hero movies are meant to entertain and not be their personal agenda channel, are starting to take effect.

It was actually a quite good movie with plenty of action, some humor and, of course, lots and lots of special effects. Even the story made somewhat sense, at least in the context of a Marvel movie, even though the writers resorted to time travel.

The movie starts of somewhat dark and grim but I guess that was to be suspected. It cheered up as it moved along and then ending … well to me at least it was mostly satisfactory.

I was not too thrilled about the “new” Hulk although I warmed up to him a bit during the film. Thor? The less that is said about him the better actually. The rest of the merry bunch was in pretty good shape and I am quite happy that we did not get to see to much of Quill’s usual shenanigans. I really hate that character.

I was quite positively surprised at the huge and quite cool battle towards the end. I was thinking, or rather hoping, that at some time they were just going to reverse Thanos’ crap and that would be it but instead we get to watch another huge confrontation with pretty much everyone involved at the end. Very cool action and FX indeed.

There were some silly plot holes of course. As always when writers resort to time travel. An obvious one would of course be that, when they knew they only had enough Pym particles to complete one trip for each person why did they just not go back in time to get more the first thing they did? Especially since they later did exactly that. Also, Captain Marvel (in her new SJW hairdo) flies through a barrage of fire, smashes through Thanos’ ship like it was nothing and then struggles to combat Thanos himself? There were a bit of this silliness spread around but not too much for me to be bothered by it.

There were a few casualties of which I am saddened by two of them. I think at least one of them was unnecessary and probably agenda based. I also strongly disliked the rubbish with Captain America at the end. He has never been one of my favorite characters so I do not really care much about him being around or not but that rubbish sob-scene where he hands over his shield to a “politically correct” person was really unnecessary. I guess it must have been put there to appease the Marvel SJW retards.

Anyway, my bottom line is that I was greatly entertained by this movie. It had all the good stuff, real super heroes, action, special effects and not too much of the crap that has been spewing out of Marvel the last years.