The Dark Knight (2008)

Written by tmdb22590444 on May 3, 2019

One of the best movies of all time. Christopher Nolan has brought us the Batman trilogy that it made it feel it could happen today. Christian Bale returns as Batman, was able to perform as wonderfully as he did in Batman Begins. The one person that ultimately stole the show had to be the late Heath Ledger who played as the Joker. His performance as a psychotic clown terrorizing Gotham City was one of the best performance as a superhero villain. One of the best parts of the Joker was when he was telling his victims on how “he got his scars?”. Another great part was when he kidnapped a police officer and he was recording it while scaring the man and also giving a warning to Batman. The supporting actor and actresses did a good job of delivering the story. I was disappointed that Katie Holmes did not return as Rachael Dawes but the actress how played as her Maggie Gyllenhaal did a really good job. One of the best parts of Christopher Nolan is that in every movie of his, the cinematography would look amazing and this movie is no exception.