WWE WrestleMania 35 (2019)

Written by leonardo deapertyoon 3 on April 30, 2019

"One of the stronger 'Manias in recent memory, albeit I do agree with its length being a problem. I quite loved the first half, but so many things after the WWE Championship match feels so laborious and unneeded, that it weighs everything down. The main event felt mildly sabotaged in its producing, which annoys me to no end, but hey, at least it happened. MOTN was Kingston vs. Bryan of course, which was even greater than I figured it would be. I cried, a lot. That's what's gonna stay in my memory about this show: the three people who should have won, ACTUALLY winning. A great WrestleMania doesn't necessarily have to have a high degree workrate (it helps tho), it just needs to feel emotional, conclusive, and like we're really experiencing and enjoying the moments that are designed to be remembered. And I think this one succeeded