Us (2019)

Written by Gimly on April 12, 2019

Us is gonna be a tough one to review. Difficult to review without spoilers, which is what I'm gonna do here, but I think even if I was doing spoilers, I'd still struggle.

What I will say, is that my feelings on Us went up and down as I sat there and the story progressed. At one point, I was enraptured by a single scene that for a brief moment I got so caught up I felt certain no movie of the year was ever going to be able to top it. But then the scene ended, and shortly after the movie ended and my mind just went to "...It's good".

Definitely merits watching, re-watching and analysing (there is a lot to unpack from Us) but maybe not the highest of all available praises.

Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go.