Coco (2017)

Written by furious_iz on May 27, 2018

Beautiful, colourful and sweet

This film has real heart, with great messages about what family can and should do for each other. Great voice acting, great songs without having the burden of exposition via song that you find in the more musical ventures by Disney. I loved that you could see genuine guitar chords being played, so often in live action films the playing of musical instruments, especially guitar are poorly faked. None of that in this animated gem.

One thing I personally loved was the depiction of Mexican culture. Although I really enjoyed Moana, I thought it was a little bit too much of a pastiche of multiple Pacific cultures when it should have just picked one (Maori) and stuck with it. Coco celebrates Mexican culture, and depicts it well. The only thing missing for me was more Mexican cuisine.

It can get a little dark in places, so maybe be careful when watching it with the little ones, but should appeal to most of the family.