Eye in the Sky (2015)

Written by DanDare on March 7, 2018

Eye in the Sky wants to explore the question of drone warfare.

An operation to capture a terrorist cell in Kenya. Helen Mirren plays Colonel who is rather gung ho and wants to take out the bad guys before they do more harm.

Aaron Paul is a drone pilot who is dithering because of the risk to civilian casualties.

The film pursues the human touch of a young girl selling bread in the market place, being at the wrong place as that is where the drone aims to strike.

Eye in the Sky is an oddly structured film, it is tense as the audience wonders of the little girl will be safe. It also wants to have an open and even debate on the morals and perils of drone warfare but it all feels rather undercooked and underwhelming.

This was Alan Rickman's final film, he rightly has the last line: 'Never tell a soldier they don't know the cost of war.'