Dangal (2016)

Written by Svumpukkel85 on November 14, 2017

An inspiring feel-good true story about fighting for a dream that only you can see. Most importantly this movie dares to put up a fight fighting against old Indian traditions and female prejudice.

Two daughters overcome heavy obstacles to become world famous Indian wrestlers, with the support and motivation of their father and trainer.

It is a very colorful, well-made lighthearted entertainment. The acting is fine, and the characters are relatable.

A drawback is that it is way too long for a one-night-movie, and should have been made into a mini-series.

Overlooking the abuse-aspect: I think it is important to say that personally, I don't agree with most of the methods the father used to train, strengthen and harden his daughters, as a lot of actually was serious child abuse. Their mother also acts as the passive typical enabler. To make it worse, the movie dismisses and jokes about the psychological hurt on the daughters as if it didn't do any damage. In Europe, the father would have been jailed and the kids taken away by CPS. I think it is a big misunderstanding to glorify abusive behavior, but I guess Indians still have to learn that you can motivate your children without abusing them.