Black Butterfly (2017)

Written by Reno on September 26, 2017

I like my ending better! Not the one comes after that!

It was a little surprise film, but not that great. I really enjoyed it. It was thrilling, suspense and fast paced storytelling. I usually like this type of flicks. If you too prefer entertainment over a masterpiece, then you would enjoy it as well. Only the beginning was slow, but once the concept of the film ignited, it was a non-stop entertainment. So the later parts are like between the two characters that took place in an isolated place. A great setting and with all the development, the film totally gets you.

A struggling alcoholic writer who got rescued by a stranger at a diner, invites him to the home for the stormy night ahead. Later the stranger decides to help him out with his writing, so his stay extends. With talking to each other, the writer comes to know what kind of person he's brought into his house. His agenda ires the stranger and hence a conflict begins between them. The rest of the film is to disclose who ends where with a twist at the end.

When the second act begins, that's when your guessing game starts. At the end of that section, I had in my mind that at least 4 to 5 possible paths the story could head. With that kind of option, who won't enjoy such film. Whatever I predicted, that did not happen. That's another reason why I liked it. The twist was good, and so the performances by Jonathan Rhye Meyers and Antonio Banderas. BUT when all was going well, the end scene before the credits, disappointed me. It should have not been in the film at all. That's why I did not like 'Prince of Persia' too. Apart from that final 10 seconds, it was a good film.