CHiPS (2017)

Written by Reno on September 8, 2017

A tale of two motorcycle cops!

I haven't seen the 70s series from where this film got inspired by. But before that, I had in my mind that it could be a remake of 'Electra Glide in Blue'. Anyway, it was directed and starred in one of the main roles by Dax Shepard. His direction job is not going anywhere. Though all his so far attempts are appreciable. In this film, it was Michael Pena, who led the rest of the characters. He'd done similar roles in other films like 'End of Watch'. But literally, he ruled it by sidelining everybody else in the film, including Dax.

Two motorcycle highway patrol cops team up. They are not an ideal match for the job, but they are assigned in that way by their superior. One of them was an ex-motorcycle stuntman and the other one who had lost his partner recently. They begin to investigate a highway robbery that leads them in the right direction. But can they handle those gangmen who have overpowered them in many ways is what brings twist, before ending with a big action sequence.

A stylish cop flick and a quality presentation, but messed up by its screenplay. The story had a purpose, but the film scenes looked not arranged properly in order. There are many unnecessary scenes, just to bring some comedies. Yeah, some of them were really fun, but the film overwhelmed by bad jokes and random action sequences. The actors were good, though it was only the lead two who were the bright spot in the narration. If you forget all the logics, you could enjoy it. It serves a decent entertainment. Yet when it comes to rating, it won't deserve any big number.