Black Butterfly (2017)

Written by Vishnu_Dileep on August 13, 2017

“A decent suspense thriller and its good for a one time watch ”

It all starts with some stories on abductions here and there then it goes to a lonely writer whom his wife left and he meets up a girl who helps to sell his house and since he can’t write a proper story in a while he gets all kind of irritated goes out for a drive to a nearby café so while going there on the road he met up this truck driver who does not allow him to overtake so somehow he gets in front and curses the truck driver and goes and gets settled in the diner with the girl he met so the truck driver gets there and he tries to pick up a fight with him that is when this stranger guy puts himself between the writer and the truck driver and the stranger threatens the truck driver and both of them leave off so the writer feels that he should have thanked the guy who saved him from that fight so goes finding him and then offers to give him a lift and then the writer insists that he take a break at his place then move on to wherever he was going but as soon as the writer takes him to his place he sees that the stranger has no intention of leaving soon….wait a min the rest of the movie u have to watch don’t worry I have not spoiled anything for you It is a onetime watch and with good twists. So I would suggest this movie for everyone to watch. Notable Acting Jonathan Rhys Meyers famous for his acting in Mission Impossible 3 Antonio Banderas famous for his acting in Desperado, Shrek 2 and many other movies Piper Perabo famous for her acting in The Prestige and Looper My Rating 7/10