Famous in Love (2017)

Written by Reno on August 10, 2017

Fame. Jealousy. Controversies. The tales of filmdom.


Most surprising series of the year. It's shocking to know it did not get the recognition it deserved. Yes, it was not like you have never heard the story before. The same old film industry formula. How things work, particularly what are all the trouble the newcomers would face stepping inside the studio. Besides, scams, controversies, personal feud, broken friendship, business deal, press meet, public appearance and many more it covers.

I am a film fanatic that I only started to watch the television series in the recent years, but reviewing them was only very recently. The reason I like television series is the details. In films, you won't get that kind of details for a 90 or 120 minute film. But a series of ten episodes and each runs for 40 minutes means an average of seven hours per season. There you go, they can cover every minute detail they want and even more.

Some of the parts of the story were intentional, but overall it worked out well. The curiosity it created for its viewers was awesome. At the end of each episode I have been always eager to know what might come in the next. Like I said, it was more a curiosity than suspense. That's the major difference that people who watched it not getting, hence showing displeasure.

Three freshmen, as well as close friends living under the same roof have their own agenda to be in the city of Angels. When one of them bags the unexpected role for a feature film, becomes an overnight famous. That leads to change many things around. Never sees the solution, but only the issue gets bigger. At one stage, comes the time everything to be sorted out, but again pulls back with a twist. It all consists of fame, jealousy, disputes and other complications. Like any tale, who end where and what will be the conclusion is the final episode that unfolds.

Best casting. I liked all the actors, actresses. Bella Thorne exceptional in the lead. Actually, I did not expect that, having seen her in other films. Definitely the best performance so far I've seen. I hope the second season makes its way. Because it did not end properly. I really disappointed with that. I thought it was going to solve all the puzzle in here itself. But it's good they have saved some of it to take forward in the following season.

...Because there's will be something for us to expect from it than guessing what new it going to give us like in the films that ended comfortable, but after its great commercial success, the filmmakers create a new story, a new adventure out of nothing, except with those fine characters to destroy the original. Anyway, this is a fine programme, but now I'm waiting for the next season. Just don't think it's for teenagers, but for grown ups too. Go for it!