Incarnate (2016)

Written by Reno on May 16, 2017

Almost like any other horror film, but enjoyable.

From the director of 'San Andreas'. The film released after a couple of years delay. I don't know what's the reason, but surprisingly it was a much better film than I expected. It had a decent cast, particularly for a small budget horror, it was a well made film. Even the screen-writing was good. They should have improved it a bit, but still not a bad film with all the fine performances.

This is about a man who can enter the minds of the possessed ones by the evil spirits. Like most of the horror films, the exorcist has a person feud with one particular spirit. So after searching for it many years, he finds that a boy was possessed by the same spirit. Now it's his time to avenge whatever he had suffered from earlier in his life.

The horror film fans and film fanatics might think it is an average, but for the common people it will work fine. There are some good moments in the film. Overall, well designed film in those crucial parts. You are going to see totally a different Aaron Eckhart, especially being in the lead. So I feel it is worth a try.