Children of Men (2006)

Written by Shreyance Parakh on May 4, 2017

Thought provoking piece of art !!

CHILDREN OF MEN....How a baby's cry can make the whole world stop, the bullets stop flying in a war, people forget all their pain, the only thing that matters is how to make that precious gift of god smile again..The movie depicts it beautifully! When the world is falling apart, coming to its end, how a THEO does things that he otherwise would have not done for anything or anybody else...It doesn't seems practical that how at every point of time there is somebody to see them sail through, but that is all LIFE is about...HOPE...There's a THEO in everyone of us...It's in our choose, THEO or Luke...The world will surely end someday but till then we must all protect the CHILDREN OF MEN, protect the world...Do our bit for the mother earth..!!

P.S. - loved the laughter of the babies in the end!!

Scenes I LOVED -

  1. When Julian was shot.
  2. When Theo thought Jasper was dead.
  3. When Dylan was born.
  4. When Theo said to Luke "It's a GIRL"
  5. When Marichka expressed she isn't coming.

There may be more, but these are all I remembered.

Michael Caine was adorable as always, Julianne Moore was pretty, Clive Owen was perfect, Kee was sweet, Miriam was, don't know, heart !