Octopussy (1983)

Written by Potential Kermode on February 14, 2017

One of the best of the James Bond series

Forget the dour, bland rubbish of the Daniel Craig era - Octopussy is how a James Bond film should be! FUN! The franchise has always been over the top ever since we saw Sean Connery's James Bond wearing a strap on plastic seagull hat in the classic Goldfinger and Octopussy continues that absurdity only this time with Roger Moore.

So anyway, here 007 is on the trail of a smuggling ring whilst also trying to stop a crazed Russian general (Steven Berkoff in an amazing performance) from starting WWIII.

Beautiful looking film makes the most of the India. Some great stunt work - including a finale on top of a plane, John Barry providing a lush score, lashings of humour and a fair amount of tension - Bond disarming a nuclear weapon in a circus tent is very effective. A very violent film - here, we can see Roger Moore's 007 shooting a young Russian soldier through the forehead.

Positively shocking!

You probably get the general idea by now that I like this one a lot. Great Bond film.