The Curious Dr. Humpp (1969)

Written by Milo_Jeeder on February 14, 2017

To my surprise, "The Curious Dr. Humpp", got some really positive reviews, which makes me believe that maybe I just didn't get it or it's simply not my kind of movie after all. I would incline myself to the second option, actually. I was never really a big fan of sexploitation films and as a consequence, I never paid them too much attention in the first place. Nevertheless, I desperately needed to check "The Curious Dr Humpp" (aka "La venganza del sexo"), since it was a national horror film and there aren't many of those out there. I actually wanted to like this film very bad for what it was. I had read many positive reviews and had some really high hopes that ended up shattered.

In "The Curious Dr. Humpp", a mad scientist under the name of Dr. Zoide, starts kidnapping young couples while they're having sex, or simply lusty boys and girls having fun by themselves. It appears that this mad scientist takes some kind of fluid that is segregated only by people with sexual appetite. With these fluids, Dr. Zoide becomes more and more powerful and as a consequence, young boys and girls begin to disappear in the streets of Buenos Aires. No one seems to know what is going out there, but a journalist named George starts taking care of the situation individually, until he finally comes across the awful truth about Dr. Zoide, the talking brain and the clumsy creature.

While I appreciate Mr Vieyra's noble effort of making a national sexploitation film throughout the sixties (although it was released in the early seventies), I will not say that I enjoyed this movie just out of courtesy. On the other hand, I support this film in a way, because it seems like it was some kind of way to mock the other national movies that came out all through that period of time. Back then, there was a large number of silly movies that included high voltage scenes, filled with breasts and unnecessary sex. I believe Mr. Vieyra's creation, was a way to poke fun at those films without actually falling into harsh criticism and why not use a monstrous avenger for that?. So basically, while I appreciate the mocking wink to the other sexploitation films back then, I'm still not a big fan of this film. "The Curious Dr. Humpp", basically offers 85 minutes of nonsense that personally, I didn't find very amusing, although it seems like many other folks did. I'm not entirely convinced about a film that for the most part contains lots of naked guys and girls everywhere, some unintentionally amusing scenes in which we see a stiff creature walking around clumsily, an evil talking brain inside a jar, catchy music and laughable acting from the beginning until the end. I wouldn't recommend it to someone who actually wants to see a horror movie.