Natasha (2007)

Written by Reno on December 14, 2016

The young and sexy girl from Russia!

You can call this B, C or D movie, but this could surprise you. Well, it did for me. It was much better than what I anticipated. Of course, because of not so popular actors or the filmmakers, including low budget, this looks ordinary from the outside. But once you begin to watch, you might forget those and get interested in the narration. The story of a young Russian foreign exchange student who lands in a small English town with a secret past that going to haunt her back.

A simple story, mostly predictable stuffs with some flaws, but well made film with good performances, particularly by the title character. An awesome mix of adult contents, comedy and thriller, surely worth a watch. I can't believe it took nearly a decade to watch this that I had all along. No regret, but that makes I'm very bad at judging product by its cover. So I advise you not to do that. Remember, this is not a must see, this is to watch when there's no option. But for some people, that's an exception.