Southbound (2015)

Written by Reno on December 4, 2016

The neverending tale(s)!

Five tales, written and directed by four directors. It was a horror anthology that takes place in just one day and night. Firstly, this film was not bad as it looks. Each tale and its interlocking with one another was very nicely done. The layers are not arranged in a column or a row or a circle. It was just like what you see on the poster, a star. Especially one character from each tale, how they become a victim in another was the highlight. The genre mixing was so good, I mean it was not out and out a horror. Mystery, thriller, crime, all was put together and presented smartly on the screen, particularly the loop was very fascinating.

I have seen some similar kind, but this one was slightly different from those and a better one in some way. Not all the tales were awesome, though there's nothing wrong with them. For every 15 minutes, it keeps developing without giving rest to us and events in the film. So it was a non-stop entertainment, particularly if you like horror, thriller. If you pay close attention, you could find more hidden meanings or messages. So this film can be watched once, but not everyone going to enjoy it. Especially if you are okay with B movie, then there's nothing stops you.