Price Check (2012)

Written by Reno on December 4, 2016

Middle class family, job, promotion, stress free life, and fall and rise.

I agree with the majority that this is not the best film, but not bad either. The problem with it was the slow start and slow middle part, but the final act was so good. When I was watching it, I did not think I would rate it decently. I changed my mind after seeing the final few minutes and how it all ended.

The film focused on a middle class family man who is working in a supermarket chain. But this is particularly about him and his boss. After he declined the top position in the office to lead a stress free normal life, his new boss who gets close to him for his good character. That complicates him, between office and family. When a big opportunity knocks, followed by a roadblock, what happened after that was covered in the remaining narration.

Basically, the whole film was concentrated between two plus one character and occasionally supporting cast. As the poster hint, it's not Parker Posey's film, she was only part of it and a famous name among the cast. Though, actors like Amt Schumer and others are in small roles. So the performances were good, with the decent storyline. This is not a famous film, I don't think many had seen it or heard of it. It was more like a television film, the quality wise, especially for the holiday season. I Think it can be watched once with a low expectation, particularly the comedy parts.