Nine Lives (2016)

Written by Reno on November 4, 2016

We learn from our mistakes, but some people from a supernatural accident!

So another switching body and soul theme, but not as bad as it looks. The problem is, it was so ordinary story, like the writers were never serious about making it big. That is the first thing what this film compromised. That makes it the quality of a television film. I mean the production quality was amazing, including all the graphics parts, but the plot was not developed to greater heights. So falls short to entertain its viewers, especially if you had seen films like 'Fluke' and others. The younger kids might like it, but this film was made keeping in the mind all the ages. So surely anybody can watch this, but the joy is limited.

Very sad to know it was made by 'Men in Black' director. For his capability, this is a silly film. I don't know the reason, maybe he was tricked and the only way out is making this film. Whatever, his presence was what made this film so rich in the technical side. This is the story of a successful businessman who is a proud owner of the tallest building in the northern hemisphere. There's no respect by him for his employees and he totally neglected his family, particularly his young daughter. But one fateful day, his soul gets trapped in a cat and from there, how he's going to make it back is what told with his great struggles.

I would say the cast was decent and so the screenplay, but the CGI cat was awesome, almost flawless for such a small film like this. The story and its events were not explained in details for us like how it had all happened like its logic. Since we are familiar with this type of films, they skipped most important segments and went directly to the story to develop which is actually the struggles like fighting back to break the curse than shaping up it with a neat story. So in my viewpoint, it is okay for watching once. This is a comedy, but you would hardly laugh. Yet much better than those real comedies from the recent times. _ 6/10_