Bastille Day (2016)

Written by Reno on November 4, 2016

One wrong move made a small time thief a target.

The first thing is this film came at the worst time in the history of France. If it was set in elsewhere in the world would have had less issue, but the Paris terror attack and this theme had lots of similarity. I mean it was nothing to do with the incident, but the contents are very impactful. Which also might be the reason for the film not doing well. I did not enjoy much this film, for me it was the story that turned me off. It was sympathetic to terrorists in the first half, so I completely hated that part, and then the last 30 or so minutes it got better. I mean not awesome or like that, but just good.

Directed by 'Eden Lake' famed director. Another very familiar story, but altered like it was for the first time in a film. So most of the parts are predictable, but one twist during the beginning of the third act made it look good. Amazing pace, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger going forward. But as we know, those developments were so clich├ęd. All the actors were okay, and it has some decent stunts as well. I think it is a good timepass film and nothing else..