Moonwalkers (2015)

Written by Reno on September 1, 2016

It's July 1969, the world's eye on the US, but they're one step and one man away from the humiliation.

This is really a brilliant concept, but lacks the production quality since it is a small budget film. At least they got some decent actors where Ron Perlman and Rupert Grint led it with full responsibility. The story of a CIA agent Kidman, who was sent to London to make some fake video clips of moon landing from a renowned filmmaker when pentagon thought the NASA mission might fail. But he meets the wrong men and loses the money. Now he got no time, but to find a quick solution and accomplish his mission, where some fun filled adventures follows in the remaining narration.

It is a French production, almost everything shot in England in the English language, but there is a bit of American flavour in it. Based on the speculation on the Apollo 11 mission, but it never took seriously on that topic, other than narrating humorously. Only the theme was new, but most of the jokes weren't. Overall, an average film, directed by some totally unknown guy, but as a B movie, it is acceptable. If you know what kind of film you're about see and anticipate according to that, then the time you spend for it won't end badly, except you're not going to give it a perfect score.