My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (2010)

Written by Reno on July 24, 2016

When you can choose a best man out of two...

The best thing about the film is the title. It got me curious, then I decided to give it a try to learn what's that mean. Love triangle is something what I anticipated, but to know how good it is going to be was my eagerness. I did not know anybody from it, well, except Alyssa Milano. It was a low cost film, but production was good. The opening was decent, so expected a fine development and conclusion. Then did I disappointed with it? Well, a little!

It got me. At one point I predicted it entirely wrong. I realised that only during the final few minutes. Yep, the actors were good and so the fairly fitting ending, but for some people that might look like a grand twist. I think the writing, including dialogues and direction was better than I expected. Feels like it is an ordinary version of 'Ruby Sparks'. If you had liked that, probably you would like it as well, though it is not a fantasy.

Whatever you thought of it, the last 5-10 minutes makes you change your stance, that's how it is designed. So it is not a best romance-comedy, but a watchable one for being slightly original. I would surely give a thumbs up to you to go for it, only if you say you won't try to predict it, but try to watch it like the normal people. In my opinion, that's how it to be watched for the maximum benefit.