Allegiant (2016)

Written by Reno on July 14, 2016

Realising what's left behind was the home.

Here comes the most expected adventure in the 'Divergent' series. I always wondered what lies outside the wall. So this sequel takes us to the new land where a fresh development takes place. A few old characters were terminated in order to introduce a bunch of new ones. As a theme, it just looked like 'The Scorch Trial', but of course totally a different setting.

The director was retained from the previous installment and I think he did a good job. The concept was too familiar. 'Scorch Trial', 'Catching Fire', 'Aeon Flux', all these films are just like this one. Thankfully, this story was decent. At least better than the previous and weaker than the first. The pace drastically held back due to the split of a book into two films. It has been done in the old days, but the present trend began after 'Deathly Hallows'.

I was excited to know how big stretch it is going to be as a story wise. Because it looked like the things they've accomplished in one place and looking to explore beyond the boundary. I couldn't predict the story, but I knew what's going to happen in the end of every scene. The dystopian theme was clichéd, not the storyline. The way it ended is a sign for a big finale to commence in the final film of the series. Let's hope for 'Ascendant' to end on a high note.