Life (2015)

Written by Reno on May 14, 2016

The early days of James Dean in the filmdom.

It was based on the real life story of a young Hollywood star, especially during his early days of the acting career. In the 50s when a photojournalist was looking for a break, he ended up doing a story on James Dean. Initially who hated him, later gives a nod for the interview and so this story begins that focused on the time they spent together.

A simple story, but a very long film. It was neither inspiring nor annoying. It was just like anybody's story around us, that's really boring. Because he was kind of an unfriendly and his tale that told in this film was very dull.

Maybe if you like James Dean and his films, especially interested to learn about him, then you might like this film. But to me this biopic was just okay. Neither I enjoyed it, nor disliked. Yet to see his films which are very small numbers, then I might change my mind about this film, so till then what I said will remains.