Big Bad Wolves (2013)

Written by Reno on August 26, 2015

Wolves in a pack hunting for a beast-sheep.

The first thing I remembered was, 'Save the Green Planet', but it was a crime-thriller, not a fantasy-sci-fi. Tough guys in the leather jackets, guns in the one hand and cigars in the other, that's what I imagined when Tarantino favoured it. But this film was slightly not an aggressive like too violent. The screenplay was disturbed frequently when it begins to engage on the nervous side. Hence it makes you say 'just missed', sometime disappointedly. Anyway, no one told me it was a dark comedy, I took it as a surprise and somewhat enjoyed it.

It was on the serious subject, but not the presentation. Keeps everything lightly, especially conceals the dark side of truth for the final twist. For us, as the viewers, the prediction is two ways, either 'he did' it or 'he didn't' like taking a side. Film length was good with a moderate pace. There's no place for the characters to unroll with the proper introductions, including not even the opening event on which the whole film stands. From the beginning itself the writer wanted to save it for the final revelation. That's not smart, that's afraid of leaving hints.

"Maniacs are afraid of maniacs."

Kind of similar to Hollywood's 'Prisoners'. Well, almost matches, except the characters and places. A good movie, but not that good. Well attempted, I am sure many would love this film. The narration is about kidnapping a guy on the suspicion of crime for a secret interrogation. It hauls in the remaining till advance to the crucial end part. In the mean time, the torturing techniques and the suspense hold our position.

Because of Tarantino's nod, it's an easy 'go for it', well, mostly for his fanbase. I say consider it and decide yourself after the watch, don't believe, not even me. To me it was the great opportunity missed to dominate, especially having a powerful title and theme. Still, I don't reckon it is a bad or worst movie, but surely one of the year's top 50 or maybe 25.

The movie was as I thought. The story and my anticipation were on the parallel track aiming the same direction. At least I was occupied, but the issue was, it did not go above my expectation to surprise me with some interesting elements. It flunks, like trying to fill the new wine in an old bottle with the old label and description in it. Stylish, but attempted to be too clever was the let down by the slimmest margin. On the other hand, as coming from the Israeli, it is exceptional.