That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

Written by Reno on April 22, 2015

A movie first must get notice in its domestic circuit, then rest of the world come check it out on the curious. I don't know this was a blockbuster or not in the local market, but heard lots praise for it, especially, from the youngsters. I have seen only a few Filipino movies and this one was one of the good films. Very very similar movie to 'Before' trilogy and a fine beginning of the series. Yes, I heard the second movie is already in talk, so guessed probably it going to end as a trilogy.

Unlike 'Before' trilogy, this movie is not set in the casual manner, between the two. Most importantly, it's a road movie, a travel tale. The one of two who meet are affected by the recent love failure. So, the narration concentrates mostly on romance and about mending the broken heart. A pair of two actors with a good chemistry and nicely shot in the beautiful places. Like advertising Filipino tourism, the movie takes us to the finest locations.

It commences just after the 8 years of romance ended for a woman. It does not show how, but later revealed by orally. Beautifully brought those heartbreaks and heartache on the screen. How the boys and girls mourn for their broken relationship was presented quite impressively. All the good times spent together pops out in the front and the rest of the stuffs are just pitch black. Even after breaking their heart, they feel they want to forgive them and give a second chance.

There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.

I liked the honesty in the movie, I mean the characters talk as in reality, not the craps. If you ever was in love and saw the failure, you would know what I meant. Whatever the account between them, the animation narration was the plus point in this whole storytelling. The story begins with an arrow asking a question for a lost heart. And the answer is the movie itself that you are going know in the end. It might not understandable by the serious people, but morally appeals to the lover boys and girls, I mean to the guys who are insanely in love with someone.

I thought it was about and for youngster, actually it's about the people who are on the leap from there to the middle age. So, the crisis here is, the chances are fading away to fall in love madly, crazily again. Those days, the playful younger days are gone, what should be done now onwards is the movie that chronicles with lots of fun, emotions and a simple twist at the end. Though, the end was not properly explained, but leaves open. I'd say save whatever you are going to predict it to be, because like I said the sequel's quest to fill it up. But I hope it makes the same impact as this one did to me.

It's more like a 'coming-of-age' for those who are between teen and middle age. I can't say it was the best, but a good movie. Since the loop is open, all I can do is wait for the follow up. Who knows, after the second and even better third movie, it might pop into one of the best romance-trilogies ever. So I'm keeping an open mind here. Hope they won't mess it up. In the meantime, you can give it a try because it was not any nearer to be called bad and I'm sure you would enjoy it if you like a simple romantic tale.