Fruitvale Station (2013)

Written by Reno on September 22, 2014

I never saw its teaser, nor read its synopsis, but straight went to see it. And I kind of not satisfied for the first hour of the movie. I just wondered what was the movies' idea to fulfill the viewer's desire. Right away I knew it was not an entertainer, then it must highlight something or give a message. Till the beginning of the end, I thought the same way. Then my perspective changed, actually it changed my previous stance about all the earlier narration.

''I know y'all are upset, but got to lift him up. Let's keep him lifted up.''

After witnessing the crucial last scene, I was stunned by the incident that was portrayed in the movie. Realized all the initial developments were got meaning in this part of the movie. So I came to know it was based on the real incident. First of all it was not a person's whole biography, though it is told from his critical time of life. The incident can be viewed in two ways. The fight definitely took place on the sub-way, it was not the Oscar Grant's (lead man) fault. But still the consequences are expected, especially on the new year's eve the alert against violence cannot be negligible by the law. But, what cops did was the over reaction to the situation.

Such incidents happen in every country and many of them won't come into the lights. I'm glad about this movie, because it kind of creates awareness of such events. Hats off to all the cast and crew who brought it into the silver screen and now the whole world can know the truth. A must see movie among the 2013 releases.