Tum Bin (2001)

Written by Saurav Sharma on October 31, 2012

7 may seem high , but the movie is really enjoyable. Its not that it a new type of love story, but the way in which unfolds is quiet nice. Thank god its not overdone. Overall in the movie things are kept simple and emotions are apt to the situation. i have seen a lot of movies in which people go overboard with side characters , but here they are kept to a minimum and main focus is on shekar the protagonist and pia his love interest. Music is really good, "koi fariyaad" by jagjit singh is excellent and keeps coming part by part in the movie, the lyrics are meaningful too. Chotti chotti ratein and tum bin are nice numbers too. I have wanted to watch this movie since long, finally got a DVD and please do rent a DVD if you still haven't watched this movie.