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Person Facts

Gender: -

Known Credits: 43

Birthday: 1951-11-10

Place of Birth: -

Adult Actor: False

Official Homepage: -

Also Known As

  • Viktor Sukhorukov
  • Виктор Сухоруков

Viktor Sukhorukov


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2015 Orleans as экзекутор
2015 New Russians
2015 Dolly the Sheep Was Evil and Died Early as The Dean
2014 A Dark Room Mystery
2014 A Diary of a First-grader Mom
2014 Уик-энд
2014 22 Minutes
2012 Expiation as Franya
2012 Chippendale
2011 Ivan Tsarevich & the Grey Wolf as Первый министр (озвучка)
2011 The Best Movie 3-DE
2010 In Jazz Style
2010 A Yakuza's Daughter Never Cries
2010 Silent Souls as Vesa
2009 Koshechka as Boy Serezha
2008 Passenger as Petr Nikitich
2008 Лучшее время года
2007 Agitbrigada 'Bei Vraga!' as Nikanor
2007 Daring Days as Major
2006 The Island as Father Filaret
2006 Shift
2005 Не хлебом единым as Drozdov
2005 The First After God as Acoustician
2005 Blind Man's Bluff as Степан
2005 Graveyard Shift as Day salesman
2004 The Goddess as Viktor Iliazarovich
2004 Шиза as Доктор
2004 Schizo
2003 Teoriya Zapoya as Driver
2003 Poor, Poor Pavel as Emperor Pavel the First
2003 The Golden Age
2003 Little Longnose as Angel, the Guard
2002 The Tale of Fedot, the Shooter as The-Thing-That-Can-Not-Be
2002 Русский спецназ as главный террорист «Шестипалый»
2000 Brother 2 as Viktor
1999 Adventures in Emerald City as Jack Pumpkinhead
1998 Of Freaks and Men
1997 All My Lenins as V. I. Lenin / Vanya (as Viktor Suhhorukov)
1997 Brother as Viktor Bagrov
1993 Comedy of the Strict Regime
1991 Avstriyskoe Pole as Brityj
1990 Sideburns
1985 Порох