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March 16, 2015

Golfer Jesper Parnevik and his family welcome celebrity guests to stay at their mansion in Florida for a few days.

Black Lake

October 20, 2016

An unsettling chain of events are set into motion when a group of young friends an visit an abandoned ski resort in the far reaches of Sweden. The remote and neglected Black Lake has been closed for years when Johan invites his friends to stay there. He dreams of reopening the isolated hotel and restoring it to a luxury ski resort, but what begins as a fun research trip soon takes a sinister turn as the group is gripped by a series of unexplained and disturbing events. They soon uncover the real reason Black Lake was abandoned all those years before, and solving the mystery rapidly becomes a matter of life and death.

Black Widows

February 4, 2016

Three women are gathered at a cabin with their three colleague husbands when they watch the men blow up in the boat just going out fishing. A police man investigates the widows, who will have to try to explain what happened.

Efterlyst is a Swedish TV program, equivalent of America's Most Wanted. The show plays security camera footage, reconstructions of crimes, and then takes calls and tips from the Swedish public. Efterlyst has since its start gotten many leads that have led to the arrest of many of Sweden's most noted criminals. In Swedish prisons, Efterlyst is commonly referred to as "Golartimmen", literally meaning "Snitch-hour".

The host, Hasse Aro, was, until the season of 2009, assisted by crime-expert Leif G W Persson. From the 2010 season he is assisted by former State Police Chief Tommy Lindström. Since 2011 he is assisted by Jens Lapidus and Thomas Bodström. In the 2012 season only Thomas Bodström will assist as expert commentator.

Frozen Roads

January 30, 2018

Follow along to a sparkling Sweden, up in the North, where snow and ice is an every day thing for salvager's and snow clearer's, but not comfortable for big city dwellers during their temporary visits. Follow the heroes that transforms the northern vastness to travel-able areas.

Sveriges modigaste

April 3, 2017

They are terrified for the most part - water, heights, fire and narrow spaces. Prepare for a breathtaking competition, where very ordinary Swedes are forced to show off when they are most scared.

Sweden's Next Top Model or Top Model Sverige was a Swedish reality television show based on America's Next Top Model. It was broadcast on TV3 in Sweden. In Top Model Sverige, the 9 contestants are competing for a top 3 spots to compete in Scandinavia's Next Top Model. These final 3 girls then join with Norway and Denmark's contestants. One winner came from Sweden over the 3 seasons of the show, Freja Kjellberg Borchies. For the first two cycles, Top Model Sverige was hosted by Mini Andén but she quit and Malin Persson replaced her. Persson left and was replaced by another Swedish model Vendela Kirsebom in Cycle 4 as a host when the show was aired for one Cycle on TV4 under the name Top Model Stockholm. After the first individual Cycle ended it took eight years until the show returned to TV3 in 2012 with Izabella Scorupco as host. However, she also lasted for one season only and was replaced by Caroline Winberg who hosted the show in 2013.

This is the Swedish version of "Paradise Hotel"

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Pluras Paradise

November 9, 2015

Together with famous guests Plura and Björn find inspiring construction projects lasting summer long. It may be the greenhouse, painting workshop or a new herb. Maybe they take a break to fish for perch for dinner. For dinner and singing will be understood, the colored lanterns with talk about nonsense and seriousness. But not so wet that we are accustomed.

Extra extra!

March 1, 2006

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Club Goa was a 2005 Swedish TV show in which STRIX Television's 12 most famous reality TV stars went on a bar tour to Goa, India. In 2005, several reality shows had been aired in Sweden on the commercial channels TV3, TV4 and Kanal 5, as well as on SVT, for a couple of years and produced quite a few celebrities in the process. TV3 took it on themselves to gather the most famous Swedish reality show participants from such shows, including Expedition Robinson, Big Brother, Baren, and so forth to run a restaurant in Drop Anchor, Goa, India. The show was never a big success on TV3.

Club Goa was built upon strong characters and big cultural challenges. In the first series there were former reality TV participants from various shows that were highly familiar to the audience. The journey ended at a beach club in Goa, where celebrities were not just expected to work as bartenders, but also to take responsibility for the bar, the restaurant, marketing, and big events. One after another they were forced to leave the party and return home to a freezing winter. The last one standing on the beach won .

Svenska Hollywoodfruar

September 14, 2009

Svenska Hollywoodfruar is a Swedish reality television program on TV3. The concept of the series revolves around the pursuit of the lives of some Swedish women living a glamorous Hollywood lifestyle with their rich American husbands. The 2009 season of the series, which aired on TV3, consisted of five parts. The first episode aired on 14 September 2009 and was watched by approximately 600,000 viewers.

True Talent was a singing talent show that was broadcast on TV3 in Sweden. The first and only season of the show premiered on August 23, 2011 and ended on November 27, 2011. Judges were Danny Saucedo, Pernilla Andersson and Tommy Körberg. The host for season one is Ola Selmén. Sweden was the first country to broadcast the talent series True Talent. The winner of the first and only season was Dimitri Keiski. After the first season, TV3 put the show on indefinite hiatus.