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Hollow in the Land 0.0

12/08/2017 Drama, Thriller

With their father in prison for murder, siblings Alison and Brandon are instantly considered suspects when a string of killings plagues their town, and they must fight to clear their names.

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Wedding Wonderland 0.0

12/01/2017 Romance

When family conflicts arise between happy couple Hallie and Lucas on the week before their big day, their plans for a breezy wedding in the tropics take a turn and their love is tested when they are forced to put…

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Just Getting Started 0.0

12/01/2017 Action, Comedy

A retired FBI agent and an ex-mob lawyer in the witness protection program having to put aside their petty rivalry on the golf course to fend off a mob hit.

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Hoax 0.0

11/24/2017 Horror

A group of friends go into the wilderness to escape the city life only to find a dark entity that will corrupt them all one by one.

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Breaking Brooklyn 0.0


A 12 year old boy with a passion for dance and his brother are rescued from the streets by an old showman who takes them to live with his estranged former dancing partner/brother.

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He's Out There 0.0

12/01/2017 Horror

On vacation at a remote lake house, a mother and her two young daughters must fight for survival after falling into a terrifying and bizarre nightmare conceived by a psychopath.

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The Divorce Party 0.0

12/04/2017 Comedy, Romance

A recently dumped divorcee in his late-twenties sets out to plan a wedding-sized divorced party in an attempt to get his life back on track.

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Smith 0.0

12/01/2017 Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction

A sci-fi, horror, comedy hybrid about a secret government agency dedicated to responding to crank calls. While on a routine investigation, Agents Smith & Salisbury discover that a report about a homicidal alien…

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Dolly & Otto 0.0

12/10/2017 Drama, History, TV Movie

Stymied in her marriage to her wealthy but boorish husband Fred Oesterreich, sultry and seductive Dolly Oesterreich keeps her young "love slave," Otto Sanhuber, hidden away in her attic for years. But when Otto…

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Lizzie 0.0

12/08/2017 Crime, Drama

The true story about the trial and acquittal of Lizzie Borden, who was accused of murdering her father and stepmother in Fall River, Massachusetts, in 1892.

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Tiger Zinda Hai 0.0

11/22/2017 Action, Thriller

RAW agent Tiger/Avinash Singh Rathore returns from the dead to take on an international terrorist organisation but this time he has his wife Zoya by his side.

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Bullet Head 0.0

12/07/2017 Crime, Drama

In the Vein of Reservoir Dogs, a group of career criminals find themselves trapped in a warehouse with the law and an Attack Dog named DeNiro closing in.

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Thieves 0.0

12/01/2017 Comedy

Two kids are bored one summer when their attention is captured by an ad for an amusement park that has just opened not too far from where they live. After their mom refuses to take them, the kids decide on a plan…

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The Chinese Exclusion Act 0.0


For the first century of its existence, the United States had no legal restrictions on immigration. This all changed in the latter part of the 1800s, when anti-Chinese agitation by politicians, industrialists, laborers…

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Ben and Chuck: The Life of a Survivor 0.0

12/01/2017 Comedy, Documentary

A zombie apocalypse has broken out. The SFA camera crew has been allowed access into this area to document a survivor named Ben. This is their story.

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Other 0.0


What does racism against Asians in America look like? How does the model minority myth perpetuate stereotypes and the notion of “other”? How does the Asian community progress? Through insightful interviews with…

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Sophia 0.0

12/01/2017 Comedy, Romance

Andrew and Matt have been best friends since their sophomore year of college, and they always have each others backs. So when Matt gets abruptly dumped, Andrew gives his girlfriend, Sophia, a quick kiss goodbye…

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And the Winner Isn't 0.0

12/08/2017 Documentary

A satirical documentary charting Geoffrey Moore and his daughter Ambra’s journey through Hollywood, as the pair track down celebrities and industry insiders in their bid to find out what it takes to become an Academy…

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The Christmas Cottage 0.0


When Lacey takes a rare break from work for her friend Ava's Christmas Eve wedding, she reconnects with her former flame, Ean. The two decorate the cottage where the newlyweds will spend their honeymoon – a cottage…

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