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Inside You 0.0

08/25/2017 Comedy

Stephanie and Ryan switch bodies after a magic night together.

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Unlocked 6.1

09/01/2017 Thriller, Action

A CIA agent is baited into a trap involving London and a biological attack.

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Viceroy's House 6.3

09/01/2017 Drama, History

In 1947, Lord Mountbatten assumes the post of last Viceroy, charged with handing India back to its people, living upstairs at the house which was the home of British rulers, whilst 500 Hindu, Muslim and Sikh servants…

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What Still Remains 0.0

09/13/2017 Thriller, Drama

After the loss of her family, a young woman struggles to survive in a world long-since destroyed by disease; but when a lonely traveler offers her a place in his community, she must decide if the promise of a better…

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The Good Catholic 0.0


An idealistic young priest is dedicated to his calling until he meets a woman at confession. After the meeting, he seeks guidance from his fellow priests.

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Rememory 0.0

09/08/2017 Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery

The widow of a wise professor stumbles upon one of his inventions that's able to record and play a person's memory.

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Jackals 0.0

09/01/2017 Horror

Set in the 1980s, an estranged family hires a cult deprogrammer to take back their teenage son from a murderous cult, but find themselves under siege when the cultists surround their cabin, demanding the boy back.

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The Rake 0.0


A group of young men and women are terrorized by a mysterious creature popularly known as The Rake.

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True To The Game 0.0


The film is about a Drug Lord who falls for a Young Girl in Philadelphia, He Begins planning his way out of the crime world with his love for her, but tragedy strikes just as he about to enter a new life

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Beyond Attraction 0.0

09/10/2017 Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Romance

A young man gets involved with a classy, attractive and unreachable woman trying to uncover her mysterious secret life.

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Wild Faith 0.0


The film and developing TV series portrays life in 1800's Michigan, focusing on a Civil War vet trying to make peace with his losses and start a new life despite the world resisting change around him.

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Ex Libris – New York Public Library 0.0

09/13/2017 Documentary

A documentary about how a dominant cultural and demographic institution both sustains their traditional activities and adapts to the digital revolution.

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Assumption 0.0

03/30/2017 Mystery, Thriller, Horror

A man wakes from a concussion to find himself trapped in a cargo elevator, and as his time in isolation grows, so too does his paranoia.

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A Gentleman: Sundar, Susheel, Risky 0.0


Actors Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez, who are paired together in a film for the first time, on Monday revealed that their upcoming movie Reload has been renamed A Gentleman - Sundar, Susheel, Risky.

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Get Big 0.0

09/01/2017 Comedy

Inspired by somewhat true events, "Get Big" follows the misadventures of two friends as they reconnect to attend a high school classmate's wedding. Alec is the charming troublemaker, while Nate provides the neurotic…

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