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The Boss Baby 5.8

03/31/2017 Animation, Comedy, Family

A story about how a new baby's arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator, a wildly imaginative 7 year old named Tim.

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Ghost in the Shell 6.1

03/31/2017 Action, Drama, Science Fiction

Based on the internationally-acclaimed sci-fi property, "GHOST IN THE SHELL" follows the Major, a special ops, one-of-a-kind human-cyborg hybrid, who leads the elite task force Section 9. Devoted to stopping the…

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Your Name. 8.4

04/07/2017 Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

High schoolers Mitsuha and Taki are complete strangers living separate lives. But one night, they suddenly switch places. Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body, and he in hers. This bizarre occurrence continues to happen…

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T2 Trainspotting 7.2

03/17/2017 Crime, Drama

After 20 years abroad, Mark Renton returns to Scotland and reunites with his old friends Sick Boy, Spud, and Begbie.

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The Fate of the Furious 0.0

04/14/2017 Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

When a mysterious woman seduces Dom into the world of crime and a betrayal of those closest to him, the crew face trials that will test them as never before.

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Smurfs: The Lost Village 8.0

04/07/2017 Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family

The new, fully computer-animated film will explore the beginnings of the beloved Smurfs.

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Colossal 2.0

04/07/2017 Comedy, Action, Science Fiction

A woman discovers that severe catastrophic events are somehow connected to the mental breakdown from which she's suffering.

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The Zookeeper's Wife 0.0

03/31/2017 Drama, History

The Zookeeper's Wife tells the account of keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, Jan and Antonina Zabinski, who helped save hundreds of people and animals during the Nazi invasion.

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The Little Mermaid 0.0

04/01/2017 Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

A young reporter and his niece discover a beautiful and enchanting creature they believe to be the real mermaid.

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Going in Style 0.0

04/07/2017 Comedy

Seniors, who are tired of the monotonous life of feeding pigeons and waiting for social security, decide to rob a bank.

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Mine 6.7

04/07/2017 Thriller

A soldier becomes stranded alone in the desert after a mission goes awry.

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Bottom of the World 0.0

03/31/2017 Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A mysterious disappearance of a young woman leads her boyfriend on a journey for truth and perhaps his own unknown reality in this dark, hypnotic mystery that transcends the limitations of traditional narrative.

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Aftermath 0.0

04/07/2017 Drama, Thriller

Based on the airline accident that occurred in July of 2002 and on the events that took place 478 days later.

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Spark 0.0

04/14/2017 Family, Animation

Spark, a teenage monkey and his friends, Chunk and Vix, are on a mission to regain Planet Bana - a kingdom overtaken by the evil overlord Zhong.

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Carrie Pilby 0.0

03/31/2017 Comedy

Awkward, isolated and disapproving of most of the people around her, a precocious 19-year-old genius is challenged to put her convictions to the test by venturing out on to the NYC dating scene, in this adaptation…

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Gifted 0.0

04/12/2017 Drama

Frank Adler (Chris Evans) is a single man raising a child prodigy - his spirited young niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) in a coastal town in Florida. Frank's plans for a normal school life for Mary are foiled when the…

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Be Afraid 0.0

04/01/2017 Thriller, Science Fiction

Not long after John Chambers and his family arrive at their new home in a small country town of Pennsylvania, John begins to experience sleep paralysis. Lying there paralyzed, trapped within his own nightmare, other…

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Sleight 0.0

04/07/2017 Drama, Thriller, Action, Science Fiction

A young street magician is left to take care of his little sister after his mother's passing and turns to drug dealing in the Los Angeles party scene to keep a roof over their heads. When he gets into trouble with…

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For Here or to Go? 0.0

03/31/2017 Drama, Comedy

An aspiring Indian tech entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley finds himself unexpectedly battling the bizarre American immigration system to keep his dream alive or prepare to return home forever.

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