Distribution 85

  1. Sean Hayes

    Sean Hayes

  2. Will Sasso

    Will Sasso

  3. Chris Diamantopoulos
  4. Jane Lynch

    Jane Lynch
    Mother Superior

  5. Sofía Vergara
  6. Jennifer Hudson

    Jennifer Hudson
    Sister Rosemary

  7. Craig Bierko
  8. Stephen Collins

    Stephen Collins
    Mr. Harter

  9. Larry David

    Larry David
    Sister Mary-Mengele

  10. Kirby Heyborne
  11. Carly Craig

    Carly Craig
    Mrs. Harter

  12. Kate Upton

    Kate Upton
    Sister Bernice

  13. Marianne Leone Cooper

    Marianne Leone Cooper
    Sister Ricarda

  14. Brian Doyle-Murray

    Brian Doyle-Murray
    Monsignor Ratliffe

  15. Mike Sorrentino

    Mike Sorrentino
    The Situation

  16. Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi
  17. Lee Armstrong

    Lee Armstrong
    Officer Armstrong

  18. Skyler Gisondo

    Skyler Gisondo
    Young Moe

  19. Lance Chantiles-Wertz
  20. Robert Capron

    Robert Capron
    Young Curly

  21. Max Charles

    Max Charles

  22. Jake Peck
    Young Teddy

  23. Isaiah Mustafa

    Isaiah Mustafa
    Moe's Hip Executive

  24. Steve Tyler

    Steve Tyler
    Camera Man

  25. Patty Ross

    Patty Ross
    Head Nurse

  26. Emy Coligado
  27. Ray Collins

  28. Mark Kogan

  29. Jackie Flynn

    Jackie Flynn
    Golf Superintendent Dave Lamson

  30. Sandra Dorsey

    Sandra Dorsey
    Heavyset Woman

  31. Vince Canlas
    Japanese Chef

  32. Ric Reitz

    Ric Reitz
    Jon Hamm

  33. Sayed Badreya

    Sayed Badreya

  34. Debbie Walker
    Terrified Nun

  35. Michael L. Kuhn
    Tour Guide

  36. Pam Smith
    Woman Reporter

  37. Danny Smith
    French Chef

  38. Kyla Kenedy

    Kyla Kenedy
    Balloon Girl

  39. Erin Allin O'Reilly
  40. Caitlin Colford
  41. Jesse Farrelly

  42. Patricia French

    Patricia French
    Laundry Worker

  43. Roy Jenkins

    Roy Jenkins
    Officer Mycroft

  44. Barry Guy
    Staple in Hat Guy

  45. Matthew L. Collins
    Policeman #3

  46. Jonathan S. Kennedy
    Party Security

  47. Lin Shaye

    Lin Shaye
    Nurse Crotchet

  48. Reid Meadows

  49. Abby Goldberg
  50. Jeremy Ambler
    Zoo Protester (uncredited)

  51. Mark Axelowitz
    Doctor Gray (uncredited)

  52. Hannah Marie Bailey

    Hannah Marie Bailey
    Modern Day Orphan (uncredited)

  53. Tanner Baker
    Skateboarder (uncredited)

  54. Chance Bartels
    Party Guest (uncredited)

  55. Tim Blanchard
    Valet (uncredited)

  56. Beth Blevins
    Bus Patron (uncredited)

  57. William R. Brock
    Party Guest (uncredited)

  58. Tiffany Burke
    Nun (uncredited)

  59. Brett Lee Clark
    Party Guest (uncredited)

  60. John Collier
    Hospital Visitor (uncredited)

  61. Greg Crews
    Bartender (uncredited)

  62. Craig Crumpton

    Craig Crumpton
    Party Guest (uncredited)

  63. Brent Duffey
    Pinkberry Employee (uncredited)

  64. Delonte Harris
    Zoo Kid (uncredited)

  65. DJ Harris
    Zoo Kid (uncredited)

  66. Landon Hoffman
    Orphan (uncredited)

  67. Scott Ledbetter
    Lawyer (uncredited)

  68. Addy Miller

    Addy Miller
    Modern Day Orphan (uncredited)

  69. Joseph C. Nelson
    Eskimo (uncredited)

  70. Katherine Neslund

    Katherine Neslund
    Woman on Street (uncredited)

  71. Jade Nicolette
    Modern Day Golfing Orphan (uncredited)

  72. Shannon Reis

    Shannon Reis
    Lydia's Friend (uncredited)

  73. Joel Rogers
    Upscale Party Guy (uncredited)

  74. Timothy Scott
    Party Guest (uncredited)

  75. Richard Tavernaro
    Doorman (uncredited)

  76. Steve Warren

    Steve Warren
    Party Guest (uncredited)

  77. Marvin E. West
    Party Guest (uncredited)

Équipe technique 47


  1. Amy Lee Wheeler
    Direction artistique

  2. Cindy Carr

    Cindy Carr

  3. Stacie McKinnon
    Coordinateur du département artistique

  4. Melanie Manning


  1. Matthew F. Leonetti
    Directeur de la photographie

Costumes et Maquillage

  1. Denise Wingate
    Création de costume

Équipe technique

  1. Lily Gwyer-Miller
    Superviseur post-production


  1. Bobby Farrelly

    Bobby Farrelly

  2. Peter Farrelly

    Peter Farrelly

  3. Martin Kitrosser
    Superviseur du script


  1. Sam Seig


  1. Kerry Barden

    Kerry Barden

  2. Bradley Thomas

  3. Earl M. Benjamin
    Producteur exécutif

  4. Robert Benjamin
    Producteur exécutif

  5. Mark Charpentier

  6. Ellen Dumouchel
    Producteur associé

  7. Bobby Farrelly

    Bobby Farrelly

  8. Peter Farrelly

    Peter Farrelly

  9. Marc S. Fischer
    Producteur exécutif

  10. Adam McCarthy

  11. Kris Meyer

  12. George Paige
    Co-producteur exécutif

  13. J.B. Rogers

    J.B. Rogers

  14. Charles B. Wessler

  15. Paul Schnee

  16. Amy Greene
    Superviseur de production

  17. Adam McCarthy
    Superviseur de production

  18. Shannon Cain
    Casting Assistant

  19. Nicky Cotton
    Associé casting

  20. Allison Estrin

    Allison Estrin
    Associé casting

  21. Michael Fredlund
    Casting Assistant

  22. Kimberly Helms Stewart

    Kimberly Helms Stewart
    Casting Assistant

  23. Jason James
    Associé casting

  24. Norman Bielowicz
    Responsable des repérages

  25. Day Permuy

    Day Permuy
    Coordinateur de production


  1. John Debney

    John Debney
    Compositeur de la musique originale

  2. Kevin Kaska

    Kevin Kaska

  3. Fernand Bos
    Éditeur de musique

  4. Jeff Carson
    Éditeur de musique

  5. Manish Raval
    Superviseur de la musique

  6. Tom Wolfe
    Superviseur de la musique


  1. Mike Cerrone

    Mike Cerrone

  2. Bobby Farrelly

    Bobby Farrelly

  3. Peter Farrelly

    Peter Farrelly

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