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3 décembre 2020
cast a
  • {"person_id":2560813,"character":"","order":5,"cast_id":5,"credit_id":"5fc895658261ee00413c5aa1"}
cast a
  • {"person_id":1848510,"character":"","order":4,"cast_id":4,"credit_id":"5fc895588261ee003f3c7345"}
cast a
  • {"person_id":2623012,"character":"","order":3,"cast_id":3,"credit_id":"5fc895233f8ede0040006c7f"}
cast a
  • {"person_id":1309933,"character":"","order":2,"cast_id":2,"credit_id":"5fc894da680be8003f16c829"}
cast a
  • {"person_id":2089115,"character":"","order":1,"cast_id":1,"credit_id":"5fc894adb2681f003e9335c9"}
production_companies a
  • {"name":"TC Entertainment","id":127264}
production_countries a
  • "JP"
release_dates a
  • {"iso_3166_1":"JP","iso_639_1":null,"release_date":"2019-08-28","certification":"","type":5,"note":"DVD"}
23 janvier 2020
images a
  • {"poster":{"file_path":"/92SfOVGzy1PBXWTDnFoPmRKeWns.jpg"}}
images a
  • {"poster":{"file_path":"/vW9M7hJwZ3ruEh5LENJ3NS53sx8.jpg"}}
title a
  • "Bungo to Alchemist: Yokei-sha no banka"
spoken_languages a
  • ["ja"]
iso_639_1 u
  • "en"
  • "ja"
_type a
  • "Movie"
status a
  • "Released"
runtime a
  • 110
translations a
  • "en-US"
revenue a
  • 0
budget a
  • 0
overview a
  • "Haruo Sato, a former mentor of Dazai, was a religionist who reincarnated in this world to protect literary works. Konan Koji). Reunion with best friends, rejoicing for the first time in a long time. There is also a figure of the faction's warrior Minoru Oji (Taishi Sugie). Ranpo Edogawa (Shinichi Wago), who appeared suspiciously in front of the great writers who wondered who he was, explains that he was reincarnated in the world again with the presence of \"Alchemist\". When Chuya Nakahara (Taiga Fukasawa), who appeared next, joined together and heard the story of Edogawa, it was discovered that Akutagawa's work had been eroded immediately. I was enthusiastic about the work of Dr. Akutagawa that I longed to protect!"
original_title a
  • "舞台「文豪とアルケミスト 余計者ノ挽歌」"
general c
  • null

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