31 Changes

March 24, 2018
videos u
  • {"id"=>"5a9476f0c3a36825170356e5", "name"=>"Трейлер 1", "key"=>"jXMbhGlTyXc", "size"=>360, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"5a9476f0c3a36825170356e5", "name"=>"47 РОНІН. Перший трейлер", "key"=>"jXMbhGlTyXc", "size"=>360, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"5a9476dc0e0a265f7a027a7d", "name"=>"Трейлер 2", "key"=>"lv-RRDxVCoI", "size"=>360, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"5a9476dc0e0a265f7a027a7d", "name"=>"47 РОНІН. Другий трейлер", "key"=>"lv-RRDxVCoI", "size"=>360, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"59d77f6b92514124c500ebb0", "name"=>"Официальный русский трейлер", "key"=>"APhuR0yfX64", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"59d77f6b92514124c500ebb0", "name"=>"47 Ронинов (Русский трейлер) 2014", "key"=>"APhuR0yfX64", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"58fb6c7c925141640b00e447", "name"=>"Трейлър 2", "key"=>"ZQ6s-uGY0G0", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"58fb6c7c925141640b00e447", "name"=>"47 Ронини", "key"=>"ZQ6s-uGY0G0", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"58c66e459251411d0d016450", "name"=>"Откъс Кай срещу чудовущето на Аго", "key"=>"FYs8zPE_z1k", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
  • {"id"=>"58c66e459251411d0d016450", "name"=>"47 ронини - откъс \"Кай срещу чудовущето на Аго\"", "key"=>"FYs8zPE_z1k", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"58c66e299251411d110159cb", "name"=>"Откъс Кай на тепиха", "key"=>"GuG6f7VW2iw", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
  • {"id"=>"58c66e299251411d110159cb", "name"=>"47 ронини - откъс \"Кай на тепиха\"", "key"=>"GuG6f7VW2iw", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"58c66e0d9251411d15015adc", "name"=>"Откъс Кай и Мика признават любовта си", "key"=>"vv9-0EfzcDs", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
  • {"id"=>"58c66e0d9251411d15015adc", "name"=>"47 ронини - откъс \"Кай и Мика признават любовта си\"", "key"=>"vv9-0EfzcDs", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"58c66dffc3a36840f6013c92", "name"=>"Откъс Заклинанието на вещицата", "key"=>"uR2AHEStwK4", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
  • {"id"=>"58c66dffc3a36840f6013c92", "name"=>"47 ронини - откъс \"Заклинанието на вещицата\"", "key"=>"uR2AHEStwK4", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"58c66dea9251411d15015abb", "name"=>"Откъс Битка с демоните", "key"=>"XsbRh9my2Ec", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
  • {"id"=>"58c66dea9251411d15015abb", "name"=>"47 ронини - откъс \"Битка с демоните\"", "key"=>"XsbRh9my2Ec", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"58c66dcc9251411d19015edb", "name"=>"Интервю с режисьора Карл Ринч", "key"=>"eL1WyLo0WXE", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
  • {"id"=>"58c66dcc9251411d19015edb", "name"=>"47 ронини - интервю с режисьора Карл Ринч", "key"=>"eL1WyLo0WXE", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"58c66db5c3a368411401377b", "name"=>"Интервю с актьора Хироюки Санада", "key"=>"XCqZbx-KW1c", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
  • {"id"=>"58c66db5c3a368411401377b", "name"=>"47 ронини - интервю с актьора Хироюки Санада", "key"=>"XCqZbx-KW1c", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Clip"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"58c66d87c3a3684128013754", "name"=>"Видео с коментари на екипа", "key"=>"mkKfcOnqz5g", "size"=>480, "type"=>"Clip"}
  • {"id"=>"58c66d87c3a3684128013754", "name"=>"47 ронини - видео с коментари на екипа", "key"=>"mkKfcOnqz5g", "size"=>480, "type"=>"Clip"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"58c66d5b9251411d19015e6f", "name"=>"Трейлър 1", "key"=>"bFUHPYAxDqo", "size"=>480, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"58c66d5b9251411d19015e6f", "name"=>"47 РОНИНИ - първи трейлър", "key"=>"bFUHPYAxDqo", "size"=>480, "type"=>"Trailer"}
March 23, 2018
videos u
  • {"id"=>"564623f59251413acc000199", "name"=>"International Trailer", "key"=>"h8XPAbliEhY", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"564623f59251413acc000199", "name"=>"47 Ronin - Official® International Trailer [HD]", "key"=>"h8XPAbliEhY", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"564623dfc3a36826140001aa", "name"=>"Trailer 3", "key"=>"eXHA6NMSW5A", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"564623dfc3a36826140001aa", "name"=>"47 Ronin - Official® Trailer 2 [HD]", "key"=>"eXHA6NMSW5A", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"564623af9251413adb00018c", "name"=>"Trailer 2", "key"=>"LAH3kpb4Oso", "size"=>360, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"564623af9251413adb00018c", "name"=>"47 Ronin Νέο Trailer (με ελληνικούς υπότιτλους)", "key"=>"LAH3kpb4Oso", "size"=>360, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"564623969251413e7f000114", "name"=>"Trailer 1", "key"=>"XYgAf3FCKig", "size"=>360, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"564623969251413e7f000114", "name"=>"47RONIN - TRAILER (GREEK SUBS)", "key"=>"XYgAf3FCKig", "size"=>360, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"5527d85392514108c600014f", "name"=>"浪人47", "key"=>"NHFyMhk-j1M", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"5527d85392514108c600014f", "name"=>"浪人47】首支精采預告-聖誕跨年首選", "key"=>"NHFyMhk-j1M", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"5389a8540e0a261469000fe5", "name"=>"Trailer Movie", "key"=>"ya-SqxD7wn8", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"5389a8540e0a261469000fe5", "name"=>"47 Ronin - Trailer italiano ufficiale", "key"=>"ya-SqxD7wn8", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e6", "name"=>"47 Ronin Trailer Deutsch", "key"=>"br74pB2TS68", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e6", "name"=>"47 Ronin - Trailer deutsch / german HD", "key"=>"br74pB2TS68", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e5", "name"=>"47 Ronin", "key"=>"l27dN6xVsH8", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e5", "name"=>"Os 47 Ronins - Trailer Legendado Oficial [HD] com Keanu Reeves", "key"=>"l27dN6xVsH8", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e4", "name"=>"Trailer Pl", "key"=>"zup4uJ-__5s", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e4", "name"=>"47 Roninów / 47 Ronin - oficjalny polski zwiastun #2 Full HD (1080p)", "key"=>"zup4uJ-__5s", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e2", "name"=>"Трейлър 3", "key"=>"h-vsQntLMgA", "size"=>480, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e2", "name"=>"47 ронини - финален трейлър", "key"=>"h-vsQntLMgA", "size"=>480, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e1", "name"=>"Трейлер 2", "key"=>"9za_6yKLs0E", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e1", "name"=>"47 РОНИНОВ ОФИЦИАЛЬНЫЙ ДУБЛИРОВАННЫЙ ТРЕЙЛЕР - ЛЕГЕНДА", "key"=>"9za_6yKLs0E", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e0", "name"=>"Трейлер", "key"=>"1AgQ78b9G3o", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066e0", "name"=>"47 ронинов. Русский трейлер '2013'. HD", "key"=>"1AgQ78b9G3o", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066df", "name"=>"47 Ronin // Trailer B (Nl Ondertiteld)", "key"=>"wskhXOlhy4Y", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066df", "name"=>"47 Ronin // Trailer B (NL ondertiteld)", "key"=>"wskhXOlhy4Y", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066de", "name"=>"Bande Annonce Vf", "key"=>"XLRNiNxeAFU", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066de", "name"=>"47 RONIN Bande Annonce VF (2013)", "key"=>"XLRNiNxeAFU", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066dd", "name"=>"47 Ronin (Spanish Trailer) (2013)", "key"=>"AD3BrPN4HkM", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066dd", "name"=>"LA LEYENDA DEL SAMURÁI-47 RONIN -Trailer HD", "key"=>"AD3BrPN4HkM", "size"=>720, "type"=>"Trailer"}
videos u
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066dc", "name"=>"Trailer", "key"=>"DEoDulGTElE", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
  • {"id"=>"533ec6bbc3a36854480066dc", "name"=>"47 RONIN Official International Trailer -- Legend [Universal Pictures] [HD]", "key"=>"DEoDulGTElE", "size"=>1080, "type"=>"Trailer"}
March 15, 2018
production_companies a
  • {"name"=>"Universal Pictures", "id"=>33}
production_companies d
  • {"name"=>"Universal", "id"=>6292}

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