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Type of Problem: Design_issue

Extra Details: This is film is not correctly porting over to Letterboxd. It is over there, but it does not have the poster, cast, crew, or any of the information about said film.

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If something on the movie or TV Show is wrong, use the Report Link on the movie page and report the error. Or correct yourself.
It could be Poster, Backdrop, or Release Dates, or anything else.
Usually the modifications made here on the site are updated on the TMDb servers within 10 hours.

But if everything is correct on the Movie or TV Show page on the TMDb Site,
all the data is there, just like the posters or backdrops, so the problem is not caused by TMDb.
Most likely the problem is caused by Letterbox.
If after this deadline the changes do not appear in Letterbox, we do not know the reason or the cause.
We do not know the cause and we do not have access to the tools to solve the problem.
Only Letterbox administrators can solve the problem, or explain why this is happening.

What must have happened?
Probably, before all the information and images were placed here in TMDb, an API Request was made to TMDb by Letterboxd.
And Letterboxd has created a Cache for this movie.
This is typically done to speed up Letterboxd queries.
Instead of Letterboxd querying the TMDb, it uses the Query Cache, which is already on the Letterboxd servers. It's faster.
And I do not know how long this cache is in Letterbox.

Maybe in the Letterboxd API Page you find some explanation: